Tote-ally Awesome in Purple

With their butts diapered, the Adventure ducks roamed all through the apartment. Some of their favorite spots to hang out?
The kitchen, for sure. They love the scraps of food I’m guessing. At one point the feathers were too much to handle in there
and so I bought a baby gate to keep them out. I’m pretty sure tripping over that thing was worse than cleaning up their messes though.

The bathroom. The loved the bathroom. I figure it was because they get so many baths in the tub that its a familiar place.
Sleeping under the kitchen table is rad, as well as under the piano.

The best place is here! By the back door.
Because if they beg enough they know they get to go outside for a walk.


The babes tire of the patio often; there’s not much fun things to chew on. They enjoy grazing in the grass, hunting
for bugs, and hiding in bushes. Walking around our complex gives us many opportunities to enjoy the sunshine
and the greens.

Here’s TreeTrunks scoping out the playground.

Waiting for my approval to advance forward. Its “dangerous” out there and they need
me to watch them while they play.


Day by day, the ducks inch a bit more out of the patio. We now walk all about the complex, searching for bugs.
On days that it rains, I grab my rain coat and umbrella and the ducks take me on a worm hunt. They prey on the concrete,
looking for those washed up worms to devour. Its too cute for words, it really is.


The easy things about taking the ducks for walks:

1. They stick together. They never wander away from each other. So technically, I can’t lose a duck. I can lose
three, but not one.
2. They follow me. If I start to leave, the ducks will follow. They never roam more than 8 feet away from me.
Again, making it really hard to lose a duck.
3. They don’t quack! Once they are outside, their bills are too full of grass and mud and bugs to make any loud noises. They
chatter to each other, but no obnoxious squawks. They save those for 2 am.

The hard things about taking ducks for walks:

1. If a kid walks by, you’re in trouble. If two kids walk by, you’re fucked. They just love chasing the ducks. When one kid tries to put his grubby paws on them, the ducks can run away together and I can stop such nonsense. If two kids are terrorizing them, they always end up separating the ducks. Now trying to catch three ducks running in all directions in damn near impossible. Again, once the ducks are separated, they go bonkers. I swear their little hearts must be pounding out some serious cakes.

2. TreeTrunks picks up anything. Especially the shiny and hazardous objects. She actually has a collection of seashells, tin pieces, a penny, one of my earrings, and a bolt stashed in the corner of the patio. At three months old, I was constantly pulling things out of her mouth so that she doesn’t swallow them. Now I let her bring home whatever she wants. I think she just likes the noises it makes in her mouth.

3. Picking up three ducks when danger approaches is a very difficult thing to do. Like when a big gust of wind scoops up the ducks who feel the need to practice flying and plops one off in a tall bush, one inside a different bush, and one in the parking lot. Its quite the feat to gather, calm down, and carry all three ducks at once.



Seriously, this bag is simply the best for hauling around my precious cargo.
Its large enough for the ducks to sit safely and comfortably in. And its cute.


This bag made car rides less stressful and less messful. Even in my topless Jeep!
With the DBF as master chauffeur, the road was ours to enjoy.


What’s more cute than a floppy eared dog dragging it’s tongue through the wind out the window?
Three ducks doing that, duh. We definitely saw a lot of smiles at stoplights.

We took the Adventure Ducks on lots of errands. To the post office, to the bank, and to the grocery store.
Sometimes we waited in the car. When we did, this happened.


And this


This bag was a lifesaver. A much safer way to take the ducks to the park.
Yes, there are three ducks in there! Its like the black hole of baggage. The lost space underneath your
car seat doesn’t hold this much.


This bag was tote-ally awesome.



We Got the Wrong Ducks: you got to “pekidding” me!

So the Adventure babes are TWO whole months old. No more baby feathers, no more need to worry about them drowning, but still a lot of poop. They poop not as frequently as they did before, but now they are larger piles. Mt. Poopmore, Mt. Poopimanjaro, you name it; they are volcanoes of poop waiting to explode.

Up to this point in time, the ducks were in this makeshift pen out of PVC. The walls were wrapped in trash bags (thrifty, huh) and it was about a foot high. Once they grew tall enough, they could see right over the wall.
That’s when Finn decided he wanted to escape. Ducklings are like babies such that they have no object permanence for some time. That’s the idea when an object is out of sight, a person recognizes that the object still exists. Ducklings don’t understand that. So Finn hopped over this wall and
He disappeared.

Jake and TreeTrunks went crazy. They screamed bloody murder,
ran around doing crazy backflips and running in to the walls.
It was like the devil of ducks possessed their cute little webbed feet and made them
go bonkers. This was worse then the time they “played” with the light up cat toys.
The funny part was that Finn was just as crazy. As soon as he hopped
over the wall he was crying like a baby too.

This was cute the first couple times…then the crying became too much.
They just would not stay in their pen. Luckily, the internet has a solution for everything,
a nifty little invention called duck diapers. It’s this harness that fits to the duck and I would
put a maxi pad in it. I just had to change the diaper 4 times a day. Sounds easy, riiight?

Well the thing is, there is more than one kind of duck. I assumed we had a Pekin, which is
the giant white Aflac duck, which I thought was the only duck out there….
Well, besides the wild ones that are brown with the green heads. Those
are ducks too, of course. I assumed because the ducklings were yellow, that
these were going to be the white Pekin ducks.

So I ordered three diapers for three 2 month old pekin ducks. They came and we diapered them up.
Finn got the red one, Jake got the black, an TreeTrunks got the white.

They didn’t fit.



So I called the guy up and was like “YO, my diapers don’t fit!”
He walked me through how to put them on in case I put them on backwards…?
And then he said I measured them wrong. I didn’t. I know how to use a ruler.
Then he said to send him a picture of my duck, so I did!

He said we had Call ducks! Not Pekins! Now call ducks are these baby white ducks that barely weigh a pound.
Maybe like the size of a Yankee Candle. Google them. They’re kind of cute. But the point is, our ducks
were waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than that, but not as big as a Pekin should be.
Pekins weigh between 7 and 13 pounds. I argued with the diaper guy for a bit about the size of
the ducks that were standing right in front of me, he sent me new Call Duck diapers anyways.

So a few weeks later, the ducks are nearly 3 months old and we try the new diapers…of course they are too small!
I say FUCK IT and we make our own alterations to the diapers to make them fit.
I was desperate. At this point, the ducks are just roaming the house free, pooping where ever.
I vacuumed at least twice a day. I swear our neighbors must think I had  OCD or something with
all the cleaning that I did.

But you really can’t blame the ducks, they are just so darn cute! Little sleeping beauties

IMG_1432 IMG_1441

What I think is cute, the DBF thinks is delicious. You can hardly tell that TT has her
diaper on too!

So we got the ducks diapered, and we cleaned the carpet.
All was well in the world of two college kids with three ducks.
If you search white ducks over the internet, you get Pekins, Calls, and Runners.
Runners are these darlings ducks that stand upright and run around.
Adorable, but obviously not what we had.

Since becoming a duck mommy, I’ve been spending a lot of time on this
forum called “Backyard Chickens.” Its mostly for people with chickens, but there is also a
section for duck lovers. There lie all the answers to all my questions and much more.
I started a thread, asked what these dorks were, and BAM some genius called them for what they were:

You know, like the wild green headed ones, but white.
So precious


Fowl Balls and New Feathers

Its crazy how a week can make a such a difference in the looks of the Adventure Ducks.
At six weeks old, they had lost all of their baby yellow feathers and looked like ducks, not dinky dinosaurs!
Which means another excuse to celebrate!
Let’s play ball!

We went on a field trip to the park. They have a baseball diamond there.
The ducks took a victory lap around to welcome their adulthood

IMG_1243    IMG_1244    IMG_1242

They rounded the bases (except for TreeTrunks, that cheater) and tagged in safe!

The rest of the afternoon at the park we chased each other around, giggling and quacking like little
school girls.

Here’s TreeTrunks gettin’ some grub.


Here’s the DBF treating the ducks to some tomatoes.


This park is right across the street from where we live and we find ourselves going there often. The ducks
love going outside, and love grass even more! Sadly, we do not have a backyard.
We have a small patio with dirt and concrete. At the park, the ducks take joy in chasing the
butterflies and dragonflies that flutter on by. I did see Finn jump up and snatch a dragonfly once.
I haven’t seen him do it since. I’m guessing they taste bad.

Here’s my baby Jake


The one thing that the park is missing, is water. I usually bring a jug of it with us, and pour it into a bowl for them.
They lap it up every ten minutes or so after running around. When that’s gone, we usually head home for
a swim.


The pool looks so much smaller now that they are grown. It’s funny to think
that at 6 weeks they are their full size. However, I had no idea at the time. I thought they
would still growing, because Pekins are quite large!

Like any busy day, the ducks take a long nap after  their bath and preening.
Here’s Finn and TreeTrunks cozying next to each other…


…And here’s Jake, pouting about something.
She refused to watch Jeopardy with us that night.


Beachy Keen

Ok so the Adventure Ducks had their first REAL adventure at week five. We went to the beach. Huntington Beach to be specific.
At five weeks old the little fluff balls look like ugly little dinosaurs. They’re losing baby feathers and growing in new adult ones. Several people asked me if they were sick or had rabies.

Coming soon to a theater near you: RABID SURF DUCKLINGS. This film has not yet been rated.

Despite their rowdy appearance, the adventure ducks were the center attraction at that crowded beach.
Everyone wanted to hold one and get some pictures with the little buggers.


I selfishly refused to let go of Jake, my baby of the bunch. She was the most frightened.
Plus, she just looked too darn cute bundled up in my arms like a baby.


Even my older bro and Finn had a bonding moment.


Naturally, people have questions when three ducklings show up at beach.

1. Are those wild? You can’t pick up wild ducks. That’s illegal.
-No silly. They are domestic and my pets.

2. What do they eat?
YES, I know they like it, but you still eat McDonalds even though it’s bad, right?

3. Why do you have ducks?
– Why do you have a dog? or a cat? Is it really any stranger than having a gold fish?

4. What kind of ducks are they?
– Pekin. You know the big white ones that you eat at Chinese restaurants for Christmas dinner. (Jokes on me
because they actually turned out to NOT BE PEKINS. But that’s a later story.)

5. Can I take a picture with it…..  *DUCKFACE*

I had planned on taking the ducks into the water but the waves were huge that day.
They chased the water a bit, but then ran for their life when the water retaliated.
The seaweed and sand crabs were more their style anyway. It was a pretty cute scene watching the ducks
mull around in the sand, faces full of wet goop. The screaming and obnoxious kids with habits of chasing seagulls
kind of ruined it though. We eventually headed back up to the blankets and towels to sunbathe in a more protected area.


Jake pretty much stayed on my lap the whole entire day. I like to think that she felt safer there.


Such a sweet thing.


By the end of the day, I’m quite certain that the whole beach called me the crazy duck lady. I’m not sure if it was
because of the ducks, or because of my rice picking hat!

The ducks first adventure was a success! They dabbled a bit in the water and didn’t burn their beaks. When night fell,
the little ones were pooped! Finn and TreeTrunks slept peacefully in their cardboard box, while I still refused to put down Jake.


Darling Little Pictures

So the darlings are little over a month now and they sure are water babies.
They would spend hours outside playing in the water. Since they were still babies, they had the hardest time getting out of their pool. They would struggle and struggle, and then play it cool when they couldn’t make it out, pretending that they didn’t want out anyways. Image

The DBF snuggled up with Jake and Finn

So during this time, it was nearing the end of Summer vacation, and I found myself bored a lot of the time on my days off.
Naturally, I ended up taking loads of pictures with the ducks. Then it escalated to making videos with them and sending them off to family via social media.

This picture pretty much sums up their personalities quite well.
Finn, all up in your face!
TreeTrunks, not really sure what’s going on…
Jake, sleeping like a baby. Always.

How to Scare Ducklings

I work next door to a pet store and on my lunch breaks I usually wander though the store looking for fun toys for the Adventure Ducks. They have simple interests. They like pulling at my shoe laces. They like pulling at my necklaces, my earrings, my ring, anything shiny really. They like red things because they think they are tomatoes. It occurred to me that the ducks were almost like cats, except they were fun. So I skipped though the cat aisle looking for awesome toys. I picked out two items.

1. A small ball that lit up when you pushed it around. I thought for sure they would go bonkers over this.

2. A small ball with a baby bell in it. I though they would try and get the shiny thing out.

Nope. Still not digging it. Lesson learned. Scaring baby ducks is really sad.

Tomatoes and Torpedos

The litter buggers grew so fast! I swear they doubled in size after the first week. Their poops got bigger too.
We ended up changing their bedding two or three times a day. That’s a lot of laundry. Boy, did that get old fast.

After a few more weeks, we upgraded the babes from a painter’s pan to a real bath tub! We filled the tub up just enough so they could float but also stand in case they needed a break. They went crazy. Splashing everyone and everywhere. They even swam under the water like torpedos! pew! pew! pew!

I ended up taking the babies out everywhere I went: To the store, to the bank, just EVERYWHERE. They just loved going for rides in the jeep. They would sit in a box on my lap while my DBF would drive us around town. The little babies would peep their heads out and feel the rush of the wind. Here’s Finn do a spot on impersonation of Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

People would laugh and point too when they caught side of the babes looking fly around town. I guess that’s not an everyday sight.

We’d play in the apartment all day, picking up their poops as they presented them to us. They got their first taste of cocaine, and  by that, I mean tomatoes. I wish I loved tomatoes as much as them. I still wonder if I had given them peas first would that have been their favorite snack?

By the way, they’ve gotten much better at jumping for a treat. Except for TT. She still lags in that department.

Here’s DBF being a butthead

We even had movie nights together. I think they found Office Space rather enjoyable.


All in all, a day in the life of the Adventure Ducks were pretty awesome during the first month.