How to Scare Ducklings

I work next door to a pet store and on my lunch breaks I usually wander though the store looking for fun toys for the Adventure Ducks. They have simple interests. They like pulling at my shoe laces. They like pulling at my necklaces, my earrings, my ring, anything shiny really. They like red things because they think they are tomatoes. It occurred to me that the ducks were almost like cats, except they were fun. So I skipped though the cat aisle looking for awesome toys. I picked out two items.

1. A small ball that lit up when you pushed it around. I thought for sure they would go bonkers over this.

2. A small ball with a baby bell in it. I though they would try and get the shiny thing out.

Nope. Still not digging it. Lesson learned. Scaring baby ducks is really sad.


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