Beachy Keen

Ok so the Adventure Ducks had their first REAL adventure at week five. We went to the beach. Huntington Beach to be specific.
At five weeks old the little fluff balls look like ugly little dinosaurs. They’re losing baby feathers and growing in new adult ones. Several people asked me if they were sick or had rabies.

Coming soon to a theater near you: RABID SURF DUCKLINGS. This film has not yet been rated.

Despite their rowdy appearance, the adventure ducks were the center attraction at that crowded beach.
Everyone wanted to hold one and get some pictures with the little buggers.


I selfishly refused to let go of Jake, my baby of the bunch. She was the most frightened.
Plus, she just looked too darn cute bundled up in my arms like a baby.


Even my older bro and Finn had a bonding moment.


Naturally, people have questions when three ducklings show up at beach.

1. Are those wild? You can’t pick up wild ducks. That’s illegal.
-No silly. They are domestic and my pets.

2. What do they eat?
YES, I know they like it, but you still eat McDonalds even though it’s bad, right?

3. Why do you have ducks?
– Why do you have a dog? or a cat? Is it really any stranger than having a gold fish?

4. What kind of ducks are they?
– Pekin. You know the big white ones that you eat at Chinese restaurants for Christmas dinner. (Jokes on me
because they actually turned out to NOT BE PEKINS. But that’s a later story.)

5. Can I take a picture with it…..  *DUCKFACE*

I had planned on taking the ducks into the water but the waves were huge that day.
They chased the water a bit, but then ran for their life when the water retaliated.
The seaweed and sand crabs were more their style anyway. It was a pretty cute scene watching the ducks
mull around in the sand, faces full of wet goop. The screaming and obnoxious kids with habits of chasing seagulls
kind of ruined it though. We eventually headed back up to the blankets and towels to sunbathe in a more protected area.


Jake pretty much stayed on my lap the whole entire day. I like to think that she felt safer there.


Such a sweet thing.


By the end of the day, I’m quite certain that the whole beach called me the crazy duck lady. I’m not sure if it was
because of the ducks, or because of my rice picking hat!

The ducks first adventure was a success! They dabbled a bit in the water and didn’t burn their beaks. When night fell,
the little ones were pooped! Finn and TreeTrunks slept peacefully in their cardboard box, while I still refused to put down Jake.



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