Fowl Balls and New Feathers

Its crazy how a week can make a such a difference in the looks of the Adventure Ducks.
At six weeks old, they had lost all of their baby yellow feathers and looked like ducks, not dinky dinosaurs!
Which means another excuse to celebrate!
Let’s play ball!

We went on a field trip to the park. They have a baseball diamond there.
The ducks took a victory lap around to welcome their adulthood

IMG_1243    IMG_1244    IMG_1242

They rounded the bases (except for TreeTrunks, that cheater) and tagged in safe!

The rest of the afternoon at the park we chased each other around, giggling and quacking like little
school girls.

Here’s TreeTrunks gettin’ some grub.


Here’s the DBF treating the ducks to some tomatoes.


This park is right across the street from where we live and we find ourselves going there often. The ducks
love going outside, and love grass even more! Sadly, we do not have a backyard.
We have a small patio with dirt and concrete. At the park, the ducks take joy in chasing the
butterflies and dragonflies that flutter on by. I did see Finn jump up and snatch a dragonfly once.
I haven’t seen him do it since. I’m guessing they taste bad.

Here’s my baby Jake


The one thing that the park is missing, is water. I usually bring a jug of it with us, and pour it into a bowl for them.
They lap it up every ten minutes or so after running around. When that’s gone, we usually head home for
a swim.


The pool looks so much smaller now that they are grown. It’s funny to think
that at 6 weeks they are their full size. However, I had no idea at the time. I thought they
would still growing, because Pekins are quite large!

Like any busy day, the ducks take a long nap after  their bath and preening.
Here’s Finn and TreeTrunks cozying next to each other…


…And here’s Jake, pouting about something.
She refused to watch Jeopardy with us that night.



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