We Got the Wrong Ducks: you got to “pekidding” me!

So the Adventure babes are TWO whole months old. No more baby feathers, no more need to worry about them drowning, but still a lot of poop. They poop not as frequently as they did before, but now they are larger piles. Mt. Poopmore, Mt. Poopimanjaro, you name it; they are volcanoes of poop waiting to explode.

Up to this point in time, the ducks were in this makeshift pen out of PVC. The walls were wrapped in trash bags (thrifty, huh) and it was about a foot high. Once they grew tall enough, they could see right over the wall.
That’s when Finn decided he wanted to escape. Ducklings are like babies such that they have no object permanence for some time. That’s the idea when an object is out of sight, a person recognizes that the object still exists. Ducklings don’t understand that. So Finn hopped over this wall and
He disappeared.

Jake and TreeTrunks went crazy. They screamed bloody murder,
ran around doing crazy backflips and running in to the walls.
It was like the devil of ducks possessed their cute little webbed feet and made them
go bonkers. This was worse then the time they “played” with the light up cat toys.
The funny part was that Finn was just as crazy. As soon as he hopped
over the wall he was crying like a baby too.

This was cute the first couple times…then the crying became too much.
They just would not stay in their pen. Luckily, the internet has a solution for everything,
a nifty little invention called duck diapers. It’s this harness that fits to the duck and I would
put a maxi pad in it. I just had to change the diaper 4 times a day. Sounds easy, riiight?

Well the thing is, there is more than one kind of duck. I assumed we had a Pekin, which is
the giant white Aflac duck, which I thought was the only duck out there….
Well, besides the wild ones that are brown with the green heads. Those
are ducks too, of course. I assumed because the ducklings were yellow, that
these were going to be the white Pekin ducks.

So I ordered three diapers for three 2 month old pekin ducks. They came and we diapered them up.
Finn got the red one, Jake got the black, an TreeTrunks got the white.

They didn’t fit.



So I called the guy up and was like “YO, my diapers don’t fit!”
He walked me through how to put them on in case I put them on backwards…?
And then he said I measured them wrong. I didn’t. I know how to use a ruler.
Then he said to send him a picture of my duck, so I did!

He said we had Call ducks! Not Pekins! Now call ducks are these baby white ducks that barely weigh a pound.
Maybe like the size of a Yankee Candle. Google them. They’re kind of cute. But the point is, our ducks
were waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than that, but not as big as a Pekin should be.
Pekins weigh between 7 and 13 pounds. I argued with the diaper guy for a bit about the size of
the ducks that were standing right in front of me, he sent me new Call Duck diapers anyways.

So a few weeks later, the ducks are nearly 3 months old and we try the new diapers…of course they are too small!
I say FUCK IT and we make our own alterations to the diapers to make them fit.
I was desperate. At this point, the ducks are just roaming the house free, pooping where ever.
I vacuumed at least twice a day. I swear our neighbors must think I had  OCD or something with
all the cleaning that I did.

But you really can’t blame the ducks, they are just so darn cute! Little sleeping beauties

IMG_1432 IMG_1441

What I think is cute, the DBF thinks is delicious. You can hardly tell that TT has her
diaper on too!

So we got the ducks diapered, and we cleaned the carpet.
All was well in the world of two college kids with three ducks.
If you search white ducks over the internet, you get Pekins, Calls, and Runners.
Runners are these darlings ducks that stand upright and run around.
Adorable, but obviously not what we had.

Since becoming a duck mommy, I’ve been spending a lot of time on this
forum called “Backyard Chickens.” Its mostly for people with chickens, but there is also a
section for duck lovers. There lie all the answers to all my questions and much more.
I started a thread, asked what these dorks were, and BAM some genius called them for what they were:

You know, like the wild green headed ones, but white.
So precious



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