Tote-ally Awesome in Purple

With their butts diapered, the Adventure ducks roamed all through the apartment. Some of their favorite spots to hang out?
The kitchen, for sure. They love the scraps of food I’m guessing. At one point the feathers were too much to handle in there
and so I bought a baby gate to keep them out. I’m pretty sure tripping over that thing was worse than cleaning up their messes though.

The bathroom. The loved the bathroom. I figure it was because they get so many baths in the tub that its a familiar place.
Sleeping under the kitchen table is rad, as well as under the piano.

The best place is here! By the back door.
Because if they beg enough they know they get to go outside for a walk.


The babes tire of the patio often; there’s not much fun things to chew on. They enjoy grazing in the grass, hunting
for bugs, and hiding in bushes. Walking around our complex gives us many opportunities to enjoy the sunshine
and the greens.

Here’s TreeTrunks scoping out the playground.

Waiting for my approval to advance forward. Its “dangerous” out there and they need
me to watch them while they play.


Day by day, the ducks inch a bit more out of the patio. We now walk all about the complex, searching for bugs.
On days that it rains, I grab my rain coat and umbrella and the ducks take me on a worm hunt. They prey on the concrete,
looking for those washed up worms to devour. Its too cute for words, it really is.


The easy things about taking the ducks for walks:

1. They stick together. They never wander away from each other. So technically, I can’t lose a duck. I can lose
three, but not one.
2. They follow me. If I start to leave, the ducks will follow. They never roam more than 8 feet away from me.
Again, making it really hard to lose a duck.
3. They don’t quack! Once they are outside, their bills are too full of grass and mud and bugs to make any loud noises. They
chatter to each other, but no obnoxious squawks. They save those for 2 am.

The hard things about taking ducks for walks:

1. If a kid walks by, you’re in trouble. If two kids walk by, you’re fucked. They just love chasing the ducks. When one kid tries to put his grubby paws on them, the ducks can run away together and I can stop such nonsense. If two kids are terrorizing them, they always end up separating the ducks. Now trying to catch three ducks running in all directions in damn near impossible. Again, once the ducks are separated, they go bonkers. I swear their little hearts must be pounding out some serious cakes.

2. TreeTrunks picks up anything. Especially the shiny and hazardous objects. She actually has a collection of seashells, tin pieces, a penny, one of my earrings, and a bolt stashed in the corner of the patio. At three months old, I was constantly pulling things out of her mouth so that she doesn’t swallow them. Now I let her bring home whatever she wants. I think she just likes the noises it makes in her mouth.

3. Picking up three ducks when danger approaches is a very difficult thing to do. Like when a big gust of wind scoops up the ducks who feel the need to practice flying and plops one off in a tall bush, one inside a different bush, and one in the parking lot. Its quite the feat to gather, calm down, and carry all three ducks at once.



Seriously, this bag is simply the best for hauling around my precious cargo.
Its large enough for the ducks to sit safely and comfortably in. And its cute.


This bag made car rides less stressful and less messful. Even in my topless Jeep!
With the DBF as master chauffeur, the road was ours to enjoy.


What’s more cute than a floppy eared dog dragging it’s tongue through the wind out the window?
Three ducks doing that, duh. We definitely saw a lot of smiles at stoplights.

We took the Adventure Ducks on lots of errands. To the post office, to the bank, and to the grocery store.
Sometimes we waited in the car. When we did, this happened.


And this


This bag was a lifesaver. A much safer way to take the ducks to the park.
Yes, there are three ducks in there! Its like the black hole of baggage. The lost space underneath your
car seat doesn’t hold this much.


This bag was tote-ally awesome.



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